Heat Up Your Home Efficiently

Heat Up Your Home Efficiently

Don't hesitate to call us for furnace repair services or furnace installation services in Katy, TX

A broken or damaged furnace doesn't heat your home efficiently. If you've noticed any problems with your furnace, you'll want to call a professional for furnace repairs. C&A Air Conditioning and Heating in Katy, TX can tackle issues like leaks, odd noises and inefficient units. We'll troubleshoot your furnace to locate the source of the issue and repair it quickly.

Call 713-566-1214 today to schedule your furnace repair services in Katy or Houston, TX.

3 signs you need a new furnace

When your furnace finally goes out, you don't want to waste time trying to repair it. It's time to call a pro HVAC contractor for replacement if your furnace:

  1. Requires frequent repairs
  2. Is more than 15 years old
  3. Heats your home unevenly or not at all

You don't need to look any further than us for furnace installation services. Our experts will replace your old or broken furnace and make sure your new furnace runs efficiently. Contact us now if you need furnace installation services in the Houston, TX area.